Custom Minting

Whether you have a finished design or are still at the idea stage, we can work with you to see your idea become reality. Finished artwork is helpful but not necessary; our art department can help you develop the final design.

Practically any design can be minted but keep in mind the size of the finished piece as some areas of an intricate design may be difficult to see when coined.

We will send you the final artwork for your approval before beginning work on the dies. We will also send you a First Article Sample (FAS) once the dies are finished for your approval before completing your order. These steps do add a little time to the process but ensure that you receive exactly what you want.

Die Charges range in price depending upon the complexity of the artwork. However a copy of your artwork, logo or a sketch will supply us with enough information to quote your partial die charges.

Fabrication Charges to mint each minted product can be determined after reviewing your project. Then we can quote an exact price excluding the precious metal. Since precious metal prices fluctuate constantly, we will quote the current Sunshine Minting spot price of the silver or gold at the time you place an order for the metal. This does not apply to base metal or clad products since the metal cost is included for those.

Special Features in order to make your program a special one, we also offer gold and silver plating, selective plating, multi-color colorizing and antiquing, serial numbering, edge marking and products that interact with technological devices. (Visit our Technology & Enhancements page for more details).

Packaging options include clear plastic capsules, velveteen presentation boxes, easels, stands, etc. (Visit our Packaging Options page for more details).

Shipping through a carrier of your choice, on your account or we can help to arrange shipping and send you an invoice.

We also welcome any ideas you may have and will do our best to accommodate those wishes.Your design is yours exclusively and will not be used by SMI for any other client.

Surface Finishes

Below are brief descriptions of available finish quality options.

  • Proof is the highest quality available, almost flawless. This is achieved by the most intensive preparation of blanks, polishing of dies, and is struck multiple times. (Note: Proof quality finish is only available on precious metal products).
  • Proof-Like is a very high quality which is achieved by the special preparation of blanks, polishing of dies, and is struck multiple times.
  • Brilliant Uncirculated is a high quality which is achieved by the polishing of dies and is struck in automated presses.

Branded Bullion Products

If you are considering having your own private label bullion produced by SMI, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives to discuss your options.

Metal Supply

Precious metal can be supplied by the customer or purchased on your behalf by SMI, based on the London Metals Exchange fixed price or purchased directly from SMI. Please contact us for details.