Technology & Enhancements

SMI is leading the industry with exclusive technologies and interactive features on custom products and exclusive security features on SMI brand bullion products.

Mint Mark SI™ is an exclusive Scrambled Indicia security feature for all SMI brand bullion products. This is micro-engraving that is only visible by placing the Mint Mark SI™ decoding lens over the security pad.

MMSI diagram 

COINWISE™ is the first interactive technology for minted products for use with Android and iOS mobile devices. Interactive products allow you to direct market to your customers via their mobile devices. Unlike QR Codes, or matrix bar codes, this technology is completely imbedded in the colorized artwork and hidden from the human eye such as the example below.

Colorizing your finished product adds collectability as well as value. Whether you want to add just a touch of color to a minted product, colorized graphics alone or a completely colorized minted product, we can provide this.

Another way to add collectible value and eye appeal to your minted product is to have it plated. We can either "select plate" certain features or plate the entire minted product. We offer select gold plating, gold plating and silver plating.

color and gold plating 

Want to use your precious metal in your minted product? We can do that also. Whether you want to use your metal for the minted product or for the plating we will do so and can certify that your metal is in your product.

We also offer edge lettering and serial numbering to enhance your custom minted product.

Mint Mark SI™ is a registered trademark of Graphic Security Systems Corp. All rights reserved.
COINWISE™ is a registered trademark of American Eagle Associate, Inc. All rights reserved.